We seek to provide as much information about our products and processes as we can. If you do not find your answers here, feel free to call or email us.

On a case-by-case basis, our personnel is available to install doors in various construction projects abroad.


Since all our production is made to order, bespoke doors take the same length of time to complete.

We can manufacture doors in any dimensions, as specified by the client. Dimensions, design and feature configuration can be individually suited to any situation.

Typically we provide training and certification for our partners so they can handle warranty and post – warranty claims. We can also send our personnel to assist with cases.

In case of malfunctioning locks, we are certified ASSA representatives and all ASSA locks used in our doors are serviced by  ASSA representatives in all international locations.

Asmodas doors are manufactured by professionals and meet all international requirements. Due to cheaper labor costs in Lithuania than in most Western countries, we offer highest quality doors for very reasonable prices. Besides, we offer different combinations of features for entrance doors that can include fire resistance, sound, thermal, acoustic insulation as well as individually tailored design for the price that elsewhere would include only one of these elements. Take a look at our certificates or contact us for more information about our doors.

We provide training to wholesalers, retailers and construction companies that order doors from us. Training can happen both in our facilities and in your country, depending on circumstance. We provide hands-on experience and instruction that enables our partners to respond to claims locally.


Typically, an order is completed with three to eight weeks, depending on the number of units, features, design specifications and other factors.

We appreciate all inquiries. If you are an individual person, we will put you in touch with our nearest dealer and process the order through them.

Typically we are able to offer 5 years warranty for all doors.

We accept only orders under EXW conditions and typically deliver internationally to those countries where we have representatives.


Our doors are tested at Kaunas Technological University Department of Construction and Architecture laboratories (Lithuania), which are certified according to EU standards. Fire resistance tests carried out by TÜV ESTONIA Ltd FIRE LABORATORY (Estonia), also accredited by EU. Based on these tests as well as conformity with European standard EN 14351-1:2006 requirements, all our equipment bears CE mark. For our doors these tests are made :  Sound insulation test ( EN ISO 140-3:1999 ). Thermal transmittance test   ( EN ISO 12567 – 1) Resistance to repeated opening and closing test ( EN 1191) Mechanical strength and rigidity test ( EN 947 ; EN 948; EN 949; EN 950 ) Fire resistance test ( EI 30, EI 45 )

Key contacts

Robertas Mecius
International Sales Representative

Tel. +370 46 340116
Mob. +370 683 26553

Andrius Klopotas
Director of Production

Tel. +370 46 340116
Mob. +370 698 11547