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Projects realized abroad


security class 3
Stockholm 2012
24 individual design doors
Security Class 3

Security Class 3
Karlstad 2012
121 Villa doors
Security Class 3

BF Gulasligan
Object name: BF Gulasligan
Doors installed: 25
Object finished: 2012.05

Private objects in Stockholm
Private Object in Stockholm
Doors installed: 25 per month
Object finished: 2011-2012

BRF Solstugan
BRF Solstugan

Doors installed: 30
Object finished: 2012


Great Britain


Building Loyalty through High Security

What does a client say

Deposit rooms require doors that meet a very high standard of security. Due to a previous incident, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to ensure maximum security while preventig our customers from locking themselves in. Asmodas‘ team did a great job in helping us find the right solution for our situation. We feel confident that our clients and their deposits are now safe.

Our challenge

A bank faced an unusual situation: a client could not open the doors of the deposit room right away and panicked. While the situation was eventually solved, the bank management decided to look for an alternative solution to the high-security doors that would not compromise the security standards but provide a way to help their clients should something happen again.

Our solution

We suggested that barred doors in addition to our high security LYDER F45 doors be installed in the deposit room. When the client enter the room, the barred door is used. This way the client’s security is uncompromised yet he or she can maintain contact with the bank employee who is outside the room. When the room is empty, both doors are used for maximum security. Currently this solution is being implemented in all branches belonging to this bank.

Safe and Quiet in the Recording Studio

What does a client say

Our recording studio is very happy with the sound-proof doors we received from Asmodas.  What is also important to us, the doors are not only sound-proof, but also very secure. This combination helps us protect our equipment and provide high quality recordings for our clients. Thank you, Asmodas team for a great job!

Our challenge

A recording studio faces a double challenge: its doors have to isolate all sounds from the outside for the highest recording quality but also it has to muffle the sounds coming out of the recording studio in order not to disturb surrounding businesses and inhabitants.

Our solution

We designed the acoustic doors that met the specifications of our client and also offered a security combination that provided reliable protection for the expensive recording equipment. The clients were delighted with the 2-in-1 solution.

Doors according to photo saving architectural heritage in oldtown buildings
Extreme cold in Northern Norway

What does a client say

We were very pelased with the doors we received and with the service that we received at Asmodas. We met them in the exhibition and were quite surprised that they offered to make the doors according to our specifications for such a reasonable price. Initially we order just one unit to test it out and were very much satisfied. Eventually we changed all doors in our apartment complex with Asmodas doors. We highly recommend Asmodas for excellent balance of price and quality.

Our challenge

A real estate development company from Northern Norway faced a critical problem: the security doors that were installed in the housing complex they owned would get covered in frost when the temperature dropped below certain point.  Climate wise, winters in Northern Norway can be extremely hostile, with temperatures reaching -40º C and below on occasions.
The doors had not only to withstand the extreme cold, but also meet certain design and security standards.

Our solution

We offered several solutions that were well suited for extreme cold due to the kind  of thermal isolation we use and, in addition, modified our default door construction so that they would fit the previously made door openings.

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